Jacob Pariseau

Web Developer :: Game Developer


A party game you can play on your phone, laptop, or tablet in a room with all your friends. Draw challenge cards and punish the losers with elaborate drinking methods and persistent status effects.

Angular and Material Design on top of a MongoDB, Express, and Node.js stack with Socket.io to keep the players synchronised.

Magic Fireball

The original One-Click Drinking Game -- shake the fireball and get a random rule or challenge

JQuery on a static HTML5 site with data stored on a JSON file

Doctor Ink

A social pictionary-style sketch-guessing game with online multiplayer, chat, and a custom line-smoothing algorithm.

JQuery and HTML5 Canvas on a MongoDB, Express, Socket.io, and Node.js stack.

Carbon Static Site Generator

A simple gulp setup that compiles source templates and scripts into a static, minified, product.

Mustache, LESS, Gulp, Node.js